New version coming soon!

The next Beta build of the game will be releasing soon, make sure to stay tuned and download the latest version when it comes out!

Live Beta 2 is the PUBLIC beta version of Bullets 4 Breakfast - just so you don't get confused about what that title actually means. The entirety of Live Beta 1 was just me and some friends testing the game, and Live Beta 3 will be pre-release versions of the game. The reason there's no Alpha is because I am the only person to test the game in these early, bare bones stages.

Now we have that cleared up, what will actually be included in the next update?

The next update will include:

  • 720p60 (yes, 60fps graphics!)
  • Improved sounds
  • Overhauled level 2 boss
  • Credits sequence with new music
  • New sound effects
  • Faster-paced gameplay
  • Bug fixes
  • and more!

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